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Services Persis Music offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all of its clients for custom made instrumentals, mixing & mastering services. In any case of reasonable dissatisfaction, the client will receive its money back without any questions asked.

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Instrumental Store

Find more than 50 instrumentals from many different genres in our web store below. Download link will be e-mailed to you right after purchase.

Custom Instrumentals

Sometimes it’s hard to find that sound that you are looking for. In times like that, you might want to consider hiring us for our custom beats services. Read More


Whether you need that new and clean digital sound, or that old and warm analog sound. You have come to the best place. Read More


Every music platform needs a different approach to mastering. Let our pro’s put the finishing touches to your project and make it ready for distribution. Read More

Instrumental Store

License Plans

  • Silver

    $ 10
    • 128 kb/s MP3
    • Untagged instrumental
    • Non-exclusive license included
    • Can sell up to 5,000 copies
    • Limited to 1 commercial use
    • Track outs – upon request
    • 44.100 khz/16bit WAV – upon request
  • Platinum

    $ 150
    • 320 kb/s MP3
    • Untagged instrumental
    • Exclusive license included
    • Can sell up to unlimited copies
    • Unlimited commercial uses
    • Track outs – upon request
    • 44.100 khz/16bit WAV – upon request

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Address Main Office : Meerkoetlaan 98 – Delft, Netherlands
Phone Number Main Office : +31 639 667 130
Email Address Customer support : info@persismusic.com

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